Who is Peter Sacco?


Peter has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, COAST TO COAST and IHEART. Has been on major radio shows in 32 US states, 4 Canadian provinces, and radio shows in Europe, China, South America and Australia.


Peter is an award-winning executive producer, he has hosted many documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and children’s issues. He is a regularly featured guest on television and radio, and is the host of the highly popular weekly radio show, Matters of the Mind, and host of the hit TV series Niagara’s Most Haunted. Peter has appeared in various films and TV shows as an actor.


Peter is an author, psychology professor and former private practitioner. He resides in one of the most picturesque regions of the world, Niagara Falls where he calls home.


Peter is also columnist/author of over 700 articles in Canadian and USA media/magazines. He has also written several book reviews for Prentice-Hall Publishing Canada.

Television & Media

Sacco appears regularly on television and radio talk shows both in the United States and Canada. He has been the assistant producer and host of documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and child issues. Some of the shows include:


MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS (2 seasons) – Host/producer
CRIMINAL INTENT: ACTUS RUES (pilot episode) – Host/writer
BODY TALK (Pre-production) – Host/writer


Peter has also written scripts for TV commercials, as well as for Los Angeles/Canadian movie production companies. He was worked with Academy Award winner Joe Mayer and also wrote Vices commercial which premiered at the Boston Film Festival.



He is an Adjunct Psychology Professor at Niagara University in Lewiston, NY in the Teacher Education Program. Creator and instructor of the Criminal Psychology Program offered at Niagara College, Canada. He is also an instructor at McMaster University, Canada in the Addiction Studies Program and Police Foundations Study. Sacco is also an international lecturer on psychology/self-help related topics. Peter received the Excellence in Teaching from McMaster University in 2004 after 3 previous nominations. Peter also occasionally lectures at Brock University.


In 2008 Peter received the ultimate compliment when he was nominated for the Reality TV show TVO’s Best Lecturer in Canada!


Peter is a strong advocate for stopping violence in relationships. Having worked with battered women, he preaches, “Just say no to violence! No one deserves to be abused!”


What did you study at school?

Peter: Well, where do I begin? I completed my undergraduate in psychology before graduating to a road trip to Europe to figure out what I wanted to do next. After seeing 10 countries, I figured out I wanted to do a Master’s degree which I did in counselling. Once I was finished that, I started my Ph.D. in psychology at an original university of it’s kind, a university without walls where you do all your research and courses on your own. Man, it sure as heck is a lot of work. Trust me, it’s a lot easier just to sit in on lectures. I finally completed my dissertation and graduated. Because the university was not and is still not Nationally accredited, it posed some problems as far as getting certification and licensure, so I went back to school and completed other diplomas, degrees and certification programs to legitimize my education politically so to speak. You could be a doctor in another country, come to Canada and not be allowed to practice medicine because your M.D. was not internationally or nationally accredited! It sucks, but that’s politics and well-known colleagues have always said, “it’s not the degree that matters, but the brains behind the scenes that got the degree”. I’ll buy that!

Where do you find the time to write and produce TV stuff when you have a full-time job teaching?

Peter: First of all, I don’t view teaching as a job! It is my career and something I am very passionate about. I love teaching and I love the rapport with students. I would so far as to comment that students are my educators as well! They teach me a lot about life and the material not found in texts. Lecturing is a pleasure and something I look forward too at summer’s end.

What are Penis Envy and Breast Envy?

04 Oct What are Penis Envy and Breast Envy?
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Peter: I always get asked…what the heck are those books about? Where did the idea(s) to write them come from? Well, you start off by blaming Sigmund Freud! LOL Freud coined the concept “Penis Envy” which has been around for the better parts of 2 centuries now. I thought Freud was brilliant in some of his theories! He nailed many of his theories well before the advancement of any media, let alone modern technology. So many of his theories apply today. In my book Penis Envy, I took Freud’s theory one step further and applied it to men instead of women who he originally intended it for. In modern society, men and guiltier of possessing penis envy based on research. Conversely, I came up with Breast Envy! Freud has nothing on me there! Actually, sex therapist and author Dr. Debra Laino and I wrote the book Breast Envy to look at how women co-exist and compete with each other in today’s world.

What is Fast Food Dating?

Peter: Fast Food Dating is a two tier project. Firstly, it was the title of a book I started working on last year. Friends of mine liked the premise; interviewing dating service providers, consumers of the services and seeing where things led as far as relationships go. There was so much interest, we decided to start production on a video version documentary.


The book which is now out is based on the hundreds of interviews we conducted across Canada as well as the USA. Perhaps one of the greatest highlights was presenting it at a singles night at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto where there were “hundreds” of singles attending and getting the chance to meet so many of them and interviewing them.

Fear Factors has several, very unique short stories. Some are crazy as heck. What led you to write them or where did you get your ideas?

Peter: I actually wrote Fear Factors back in the early 90’s when I was a Master’s degree student. I used to write to escape scholastic projects. I enjoyed writing and I have always enjoyed old shows like The Twilight Zone so I thought I would create my own rendition in Fear Factors. Fear Factors is actually based on the evil humans do to one another. Sure, I would call it a combo of horror/sci-fi/erotic fantasy, but underneath the “window dressing” and monsters lurks humans. I write about the bad things we do to ourselves and are afraid to accept or admit we are capable of doing them. I also loved the TV show The X-Files as it was very awesome to watch. It’s interesting but some of the stories in Fear Factors and my latest novellas In The Shadows reflect the characters Mulder and Scully to a degree with a more Alfred Hitchcock slant (Hitchcock movies have always been my favourite in terms of writing inspiration.)

Where did you ever come up with the title “Why Women Want What They Can’t Have”?

Peter: Well, the title of the first few printings was originally called Women Want What They Can’t Have. Because I went with another publisher, we decided to change the title a bit and also there was more content added to the book. The title itself was given to me by a female colleague who asserted “women want what they can’t have when she was referring to relationships. I liked the quotation, so I thought I would create the title as such.

RADIO/TV Shows Peter has appeared on

Joyce Graff Show
Dr. Tony Show
Dr. Harry Fisch Show New York
Bill Flagg It’s Your Life
Jay Caldwell Show
CHCH Morning Show
Cyrus Radio Show
Joyce Blog Talk
Barbara Bruce Show
KAFF Jason Graham
610 CKTB Larry Fedoruk Show
Barry Lynn radio show
Robert Ashley radio show
Esme Murphy Radio Show
Keep in Touch TV Cogeco
Stan Mallow’s Paranormal TV show
WTVN Columbus- Bob Connors
WLW Cincinnati- Mark Amazon
Stephanie Sharp Radio Interview
SPACE TV – Inner Space
Living Clean, Living Well TV show
Health On The Line – TV show
TSN – Off The Record
Shelley Duffy Radio Show
KKNW 1150 – Rochelle Show
Scott Snyder – Business Life radio Show
Donna Henry Radio Show
Elena radio show NY
ABC News
CBS Radio
KCAA 1050 -Christina Show
KCTT- Angie Show
KTRS – Todd Wise Show
Dr. Bernstein Show NY
CKMO Radio – Philip radio show
Lisa Grant 660 News Calgary
Terry Lowry KKHT- Houston
WGSO – AM 990 Jeff’s Show New Orleans
1370 WOCA-AM Florida Larry and Robin’s Show
KXFN-1380 AM St. Louis Victoria Babu’s Show
Ron Allen Show USA Radio Network
Frankie Boyer Show – Lifestyle Talk Radio Network
Jill Sheets Radio Show
WHAM Mike DiGiorgio Radio Show
Issues With Walter Shaw CBS
The Real Slide Show – Joe Messina
CFRA-AM Rabbi Bulka
KXFN-AM – Kelly and Cassandra Radio Show
KAHI-AM 950 California – Mary Jane Popp Show
WHAM Morning Show Rochester, NY Chet Walker Show
Glenn Allan TV and Radio Shows
CHCH 11 TV – Square Off
Bottom Line Sports
AM Buffalo