17 Oct How To Win Conflicts That Matter!

I have had many people who have read my books or attended my seminars ask, “What is the best way to shut down conflict or an argument immediately?” I am glad people ask but I don’t always think they are going to like my answer....

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10 Sep Secrets to Managing Caregiver Stress

Perhaps there is no greater stress than caring for a loved one. The amount of physical and emotional effort we put into caring for others can be very taxing. In fact, in many cases, the caregiver literally needs someone to care for them! Stress comes in...

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10 Sep Are you Addicted to Dating?

Are you from the 80’s generation or old enough to remember the song made famous by the late, great Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love”? Whether you are or not, perhaps you have gotten in tune with the millennium and have become addicted to dating. What...

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