My SizeGenetics Review & Results Revealed! Does It Really Work?

So, here’s my Sizegenetics review and results!

At just over 6 inches I’ve never been happy with the size of my weiner and never felt like I was able to satisfy a woman with it.

I know 6 inches is above average, but I can’t lie, I wanted more.

I first heard about the Sizegenetics years ago after seeing this video where a reporter used it to go from 7.5 inches to 8 inches in less than a month.

It’s worth a watch:

I also looked into it and learned that extenders are actually a medically proven way to increase penis size.

One study by the British Journal of Urology found that men who wore an extender like the Sizegenetics for 5 hours per day for 6 months gained an average of 1.5 cm in erect length. That’s about 2 thirds of an inch!

At the time I thought the idea of wearing an extender like the Sizegenetics was a bit weird and creepy, so I passed on it.

But last year after becoming single I found their website again and decided to give it a shot.

I bought their ‘Comfort Package’ which at $249.95 was not cheap but came with a money back guarantee so I thought screw it let’s give it a try!

The Sizegenetics arrived very quickly in a discreet box..

I followed the advice of some of the posts I had seen online about it and wore it for 6 to 8 hours per day for 6 days a week, taking 1 day off for rest per week.

My Sizegenetics Results – Does It Really Work?

Although I had seen impressive results online by guys using the Sizegenetics extender I half expected it to be some elaborate scam and wondered whether it would really work for me.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long before I saw results.

Here’s what happened:

  • First of all I chose to use the strap and not the noose because the noose cut off the circulation too much and hurt a bit.
  • 1 Month: By the end of the first month I had gained a solid 1.5 cm which may not sound a huge amount but that’s more than half an inch and makes a visible difference.
  • 6 Months: After 6 months of use I had gained a full 1.2 inches in length and the girth had increased too! I went from 6 inches to 7.2 inches in 6 months which is kind of amazing.
  • I had sex with an old girlfriend recently and she exclaimed that I felt so much bigger than she remembered!
  • My sex drive has gone up.
  • I get harder and more impressive erections.
  • I last longer in the sack too.
  • I have become sexually way more confident.

They say that you’ll gain about 1 inch for every 6 months you use it. So in another 6 months I could get to 8 inches!

Update: Already up to 7.9 inches but feel like it’s big enough and I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to the 8 inch mark or not.

SizeGenetics Reviews – What Are People Saying About It?

A GQ writer called James Mullinger used the Sizegenetics to go from 6.8 inches to 7.3 inches in just 4 months.

See pic of the article below:

Another user posted about their results on the goodlookingloser forum. They gained 1.7 inches with the Sizegenetics:

Everything You Need To Know About The SizeGenetics

The Sizegenetics is a stretching device to make your penis bigger.

You strap your self in and the device expands and uses tension to enlarge your dick.

This tension causes cell division where your cells divide, multiply and grow causing your penis to enlarge over time.

According to the official website it provides 50% more tension than competing products but the main reason I bought the Sizegenetics over any of the competition is because it comes with the strap to keep your penis in place which I heard is a lot more comfortable than the noose system.

This is a pic of the noose and it cuts off circulation..

This is the strap and feels very comfortable so you can stretch for hours and make your dick bigger.

The Sizegenetics feels very well made and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to out live me. You could even pass it down to the next generation haha.

It also comes with a money back guarantee.

They also have a package for curing peyronies aka a curved penis.

How To Use The Sizegenetics

The Sizegenetics extender is very simple and easy to use. Just strap yourself in and feel the stretch. Before you know it your dick will start growing and growing just like an adult version of Pinocchio

Here’s a few tips:

  • Start off slow. 1 hour per day to begin with and add 20 minutes per day until you reach 6-8 hours per day.
  • Don’t use full tension because you’ll only end up injuring your dick. Use a tension that gives you a nice comfortable stretch that you can wear for 6-8 hours with no pain.
  • You don’t have to wear it for 8 hours straight. You can do it in blocks if you want. Like 2×4 hour sessions etc.
  • Take 1 day off per week.
  • Measure once per month. Growing your penis is a slow process and you’ll only grow about half a cm a month so measuring too often will only be ocd and lead to disappointment.
  • Stick with it. Some months you might not grow much at all then the next month you gain a full cm so relax, wear it regularly and don’t quit.

SizeGenetics Questions And Answers

Here’s some answers to some of the questions I’ve seen asked about the SizeGenetics.

  • Is it safe to use? Yes, it’s very safe if you don’t use too much tension. If you feel pain, then you’re using too much tension. The idea is to get a nice comfortable stretch going.
  • Will my girth increase? Yes, it would be a bit weird if it only increased length but luckily girth increases too in proportion.
  • Does it increase head size? This is hard to measure but yes head size does increase in proportion too.
  • How big will I get? From my own experience and reading other reviews it looks like the average size increase is 1 inch every 6 months which means you can gain 2 inches in 1 year.
  • Is there a limit to how big I can get? I don’t think so. I think as long as you keep using it you will keep growing!

What To Expect From The Sizegenetics

Expect results.. But not overnight.

The only real downside to the Sizegenetics is that it’s quite a slow process to get bigger but it’s well worth the wait which is why it makes sense to get started as soon as possible. I wish I had started using it years ago when I first heard about it.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Expect to feel a slight painless stretch which feels good knowing you’re giving your dick a good workout to help it grow.
  • Expect to grow 0.4 to 1cm per month for a total of around 1 inch every 6 months.
  • If you don’t measure yourself for a long time then measure every month or so you’ll be surprised and happy that the Sizegenetics is actually working and doing its thing!
  • Your sex drive your soar. When you’ve got a bigger dick you want to use it more and have fun!
  • You’ll feel like a stud in the bedroom and become more confident in the sack and in general.
  • The stretching is like exercise for your penis which makes your erections rock hard and way more impressive.
  • You’ll have more control and last longer in bed too.
  • You’ll make your partner happy and make your sex life a million times more fun and pleasurable.

It’s a great feeling to be able to satisfy someone in bed. The Sizegenetics may not be a fast solution to making your dick bigger but it works and if you just stick with it then you’ll be making women say “WOW” in no time..